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About me

My name is Sarah Jones and I am very happy to be a Complementary Therapist and also a Complementary Therapies teacher. I offer treatments in reflexology, reflexology lymphatic drainage, massage, aromatherapy massage, sports massage, reiki, ear candling, Indian Head massage, baby massage and pregnancy massage.

I first came to reflexology when I was teaching a Complementary and Alternative therapy unit in my role as a Sixth Form Teacher. My passion for this subject was beginning to grow and I had a session of reflexology. Before this session most of my experience of reflexology was from textbooks and from listening to therapists talk about reflexology but it was after this session that I began to recognise the power that reflexology had. I expected to feel relaxed during the session as I knew it was a relaxing therapy so it was no surprise when my breathing slowed down and I felt less tense. However, what did surprise me was that I got pregnant with my first child. This was something that myself and my husband had been hoping for a number of months but were having little success.

After this I had a number of reflexology sessions myself and I was soon pregnant with our second child. By this time I had been bitten by a bug that made me want to know more. How could this treatment that included applying pressure to the feet result on not one but 2 pregnancies and 2 beautiful children? I needed to know more and trained as a Reflexologist with Gaia School of Natural Health. I qualified from this course in 2012 and have been practising ever since. All of these therapies have helped me to realise that life today is very busy and people need to take time to relax to allow them to have positive health and well being. Holistic treatments allow this and give people the opportunity to breathe and have a break from daily routines as well as having many far reaching effects that help soothe not only the body but also the mind and soul. I am incredibly passionate about offering treatments to the highest standard to ensure that the experience of these treatments helps to do whatever a person requires.