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Ear-candling (thermo auricular therapy)

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it."  Anon

What is Ear Candling - (thermo auricular therapy)

Ear candling involves long thin candles being held around the base of the ears allowing heat and warmth to circulate and to reduce the effects of a variety of conditions. Heat and warmth have been used in ancient remedies to reduce pain and improve health and well being. As the candles are lit clients sometimes hear the noise of the candle as it burns. The candle is removed when it reaches approximately 3” from the ear. By this time warm air from the candle has circulated around the ears. After a candle has been used in each ear, the treatment is concluded with a lymphatic drainage massage on the face and ears allowing the client to experience feelings of calm and relaxation and improved health and well being.

How the therapy works

The therapy begins with a detailed consultation about the client’s current health and needs. The client lies on their side and the candle is held around the base of the ear until it burns to the required point. The candle is removed and extinguished. This is the repeated on the other ear. The client will then have a lymphatic drainage massage to help remove any areas of tension within the ears, nose and throat area. At the end of the treatment the candles can be opened to examine the content of the candle. The remains of the candle can offer some insight into the problems the client may be having with their ears.

Treatment price

Treatments are £25 for 30 minutes


"It feels as though my ears feel clearer."

"A really nice experience – I was a bit apprehensive about putting lit candles anywhere near my ears but it is very safe and feels nice. I feel better."